A hearty and very festive welcome to The Bloody Show episode one. You may be wondering what kind of pomposity and arrogance would lead me to start a podcast with a Christmas special, but honestly, when I decided to start one in January I knew I’d probably procrastinate until the end of the year, and we’re in December now, so it’s now or, well, next year…

I know what you’re probably thinking: But, Freddy, there’s a veritable plethora of podcasts out there so who on earth needs the objectionable nasal twang of yet another movie fan who fancies their chances at casting a pod. Although, putting it like that gives me pause for second thoughts.

But it’s Christmas, the time of goodwill to all, a glass of Black tower, a cheese board and the roaring fire of festive horror, from Ghost Stories for Christmas to Gremlins. To one or two of you, this episode may seem as if all your Christmases have come at once. To the rest of you, you’ve clearly been very, very naughty this year…

So, why are Christmas horror movies so popular? Take almost any other seasonal occasion, and you’ll be hard pressed to count more than a handful of horror films set in and about that particular time of year.

Even Halloween, a traditional favourite season of the discerning horror fan, barely holds a candle to the sheer volume of Christmas-set chills. A quick IMDB search, for example, reveals an absolute plethora of festive nasties, ranging vastly in quality; for every Black Christmas a Silent Night Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out. For every Rare Exports a Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman.

Even renowned Italian filmmaker Aldo Lado got in the on the act with Night Train Murders (also known as Xmas Massacre) and year-on-year we’re gifted new horrific delights, including demonic Santas, psychotic children, yuletide ghouls, elves run amok, and deranged killers often set to the slightly off-kilter sound of Carol of the Bells or God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

This is not to say, of course, I find fault with any of the above. Would I be here talking to you if I wasn’t a fan of Christmas horror fayre? Just as well, then, that there’s an abundance of it!

But, still, why so many films? Maybe the juxtaposition of the most wonderful time of the year with dark themes, extreme violence and death is the root cause of such proliferation of Christmas horror.

Maybe, like the even more saturated Christmas music market, it represents the opportunity to exploit a largely captive audience and make a killing (though not literally, one hopes)

Or maybe it’s just the simple fact that the spray of arterial blood looks amazing on crisp white snow.

Joining me today is the rather splendid Gareth ‘Alfred’ Morgan, better known as Slasher Trash for those who frequent his Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels where he is fast becoming one of the authorities on the slasher movie, but today we’ll be discussing all things festive horror – though I dare say a Christmas slasher movie or two will not go ignored. So….settle down, relax, close your eyes (unless you’re driving). And let’s see what surprises Santa has in his enormous sack…

The Bloody Show – Episode 1: A Christmas Special?

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